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The State Budget

Decreased natural gas prices leading to declining revenues are the greatest challenge facing the state at this time. As a businessperson I am not a proponent of across the board cuts. I believe departments and programs should be prioritized, with budget outlays matched to that prioritization.

Education and infrastructure are both investments in our future and should be treated as such. We must not break our compact with our most vulnerable residents and must assure appropriate funding for Medicaid and institutions such as the Wyoming Life Resource Center.

I believe that you don’t cut your way to prosperity, and revenue increases and tapping savings should always be considered when addressing a shortfall. Our counties and municipalities are seriously under-resourced and the state is deferring maintenance on our highways. We need to consider ways to develop a sustainable revenue stream to our local governments. Additionally, Wyoming is sitting on the second largest “rainy day” fund in the country. Rules need to be developed to define the filling and withdrawing of funds in this account.

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