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State, County and Municipal Relations

Currently our local governments are under-resourced. This neglect is starting to show.

Solid waste disposal, a county responsibility, is an ongoing problem with an ever-shorter expiration date. We will need to remediate those landfills that can be fixed, close those that can’t and find a way to dispose of the trash.

Local infrastructure—our roads and bridges—are tired and increasingly in disrepair. This is a quality of life, safety and an economic development issue.

Much of the funding for local projects is done through grants from the state, meaning that people in Cheyenne, hundreds of miles from the problem, hold the purse strings. I believe that we need to reconsider the distribution formula used to divide tax dollars and get more money to local governments.

We also need to get more money into the “system.” Roads—state, county and municipal—are wearing out faster than we are fixing them. We need a sustainable revenue stream that is devoted to this issue. An increase in the fuel tax, with a “commuter’s rebate”, will put the expense on those who use the roads the most.

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