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Wyoming’s economy works best when the energy development, recreation and agriculture sectors are given equal footing in policy-making decisions.

Imagine Main Street Lander, Wyoming without its thriving recreation industry.

Energy is a huge driver of our economy. We need to be a world leader not just in harvesting materials, but also in cutting-edge technologies to add efficiencies and provide new renewable sources of energy. Wyoming should be a market-driver switching our fleets to less expensive and cleaner Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Tourism and recreation is the second largest segment of our economy and must be nurtured. Land use decisions must include consideration of impacts on recreation. Imagine Main Street, Lander, Wyoming without NOLS, Wild Iris, Gannett Peak Sports, or The Good Place. Recreation is a large contributor to the Lander economy.

Wyoming’s agricultural heritage is important, both in terms of the economy and in maintaining our open lands. Access to healthy rangelands, water, and new markets is critical.

While tending to the Big Three, we need to focus on small business development. Assuring a climate and infrastructure that is conducive to new business, while maintaining important “quality of life” factors will lead to a more diversified economy.

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